About Us

Zip Dandy was founded on the premise of doing good and giving back. Our software transforms the way businesses communicate and market, our employees strive to provide a “Blow Your Socks Off” experience in every interaction and our company believes that we are judged not by how much we make, but on how much we give back.


Blow your socks off

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity for us to excel. Whether it’s training, customer support or implementation, every single one of our team members will define what success means to you and then provide you a level of service that not only exceeds your expectations, but blows your socks off.

Regulatory & Legal


Anti-SPAM Policy


Zip Dandy believes in a SPAM-free texting environment for end users. We monitor, advise and take action when we suspect a customer is sending SPAM using our software.

Consumer Privacy Policy


Zip Dandy doesn’t compromise with protecting consumer data and ensuring the information collected as part of a text marketing campaign isn’t abused by our customers.



CTIA and CWTA Compliance can be a major hassle but Zip Dandy makes it easy with simple to understand guides available to our customers. Learn more about Compliance by clicking below.